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There is no set amount of time for how long a Detroit car accident lawsuit will take. However, the factors that come into play include: (1) your injuries; (2) whether you are disabled from working and resuming your normal life; (3) the at-fault driver’s insurance company; and (4) your lawyer’s track record and reputation.

Experienced auto accident lawyers who are known for going to trial – and winning – will often be able to settle cases faster and for significantly more money, compared to lawyers who have not been in a courtroom for years and, thus, will be willing to “settle short” for whatever low-ball offer the insurance company presents.

Insurance industry research shows that an experienced attorney with a track record of success and a reputation for trying cases can increase a settlement amount by up to 4x more than an attorney without that experience, track record of success and reputation.

Other factors that affect how long a car accident lawsuit will take to settle include:

  • Whether your injuries will necessitate “excess” coverage for medical bills and lost wages;
  • Whether the at-fault driver is contesting liability;
  • The liability insurance policy limits of the at-fault driver;
  • The defense lawyer or lawyers assigned to the case;
  • The judge assigned to your case.

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