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Motorcycle and helmet on the street after dangerous traffic incident

What you need to know is that you do not want to be involved or injured in a Detroit motorcycle crash without insurance on your motorcycle. The penalties are very harsh, ranging from fines to being denied No-Fault benefits to cover your medical bills and lost wages.

You will also be prohibited from seeking compensation for your pain and suffering from the at-fault driver who caused the crash.

Michigan law requires all motorcycle owners to provide liability coverage for their motor bikes in the event they cause a crash that results in death, bodily injury or property damage. (MCL 500.3103(1)) It also provides specific, serious penalties for motorcycle owners who do not obtain the legally-required insurance coverage.

It is important to know that these insurance rules – and penalties – only apply to the motorcycle owners. If you happened to borrow your friend’s motorcycle on a one-time or very infrequent basis, then you will not be subject to penalized for a Detroit motorcycle crash without insurance. Under these circumstances, an experienced motorcycle crash lawyer can help you recover the compensation, economic damages and No-Fault benefits that you are legally entitled to.

If you were involved in and/or injured in a Detroit motorcycle crash without insurance, then you need to know the following:

  • What happens to No-Fault medical benefits and lost wages?
  • Can you still recover pain and suffering compensation from the negligent?
  • What happens to collision, uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage?
  • What are the fines?
  • Could you go to jail?
  • What if you have liability insurance, but you do not have the insurance required for motorcyclists who choose to ride without a helmet?

To learn more about an automobile crash in Detroit while pregnant, please check out my page “motorcycle accident without insurance.”

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