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Helmet and motorcycle on the street after car crash

Detroit is one of the most dangerous cities for motorcyclists. If you were seriously hurt or a loved one was killed in a motorcycle crash in Detroit, one of the first things you should do is hire an experienced Michigan motorcycle accident lawyer to protect your legal rights and get you the compensation you and your family deserve.

Motorcyclists are nearly 25 times more likely than car passengers to be killed in a crash, and about 40 times more likely than light truck passengers. Nationwide motorcycle accident fatalities accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities in 2021. In Michigan, motorcycle accident fatalities accounted for 15.4% of all traffic fatalities in 2022.

The value of your case depends on a variety of factors, including: (1) the extent of your injuries; (2) the percentage of your own fault (if any); (3) the value of all relevant insurance policies; and (4) your choice of attorney. Hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney can make all the difference in the ultimate value of your motorcycle accident settlement.

Don’t just settle for any attorney. Hire a motorcycle accident lawyer with the reputation and skill set to win your case and win big. The right lawyer for your case is one who specializes in motorcycle crash cases, has a track record of success and a great reputation, and will treat you like family.

Motorcycle Crash Statistics

  • In 2021, motorcyclists were 24 times more likely than passenger vehicle occupants to be killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes based on vehicle miles traveled, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA)
  • Motorcyclists were 40 times more likely to die in a crash than occupants of light-trucks such as pickups, vans, and SUVs
  • In 2021, 57% of motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes nationwide lost their lives in a collision with another vehicle
  • Nationwide, fatal motorcycle accidents, accounted for 14% of all traffic fatalities in 2021
  • In Michigan, motorcyclists accounted for 15.4% of all traffic crash-related deaths in the state in 2022
  • Detroit is the seventh most dangerous city for motorcyclists, with 33.58 fatal accidents per 100,000 people

How much is my Detroit motorcycle accident case worth?

There are a variety of factors that determine the value of your case, including:

  • The seriousness of your injuries – The more serious your injuries are the more likely you are to receive a significant settlement. Factors such as medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more will have a serious impact on your recovery.
  • The percentage of fault for each person involved – You can still sue for your injuries even if you are partially at fault, but your settlement may be reduced by the percentage of your fault.
  • The value of each available insurance policy – The number of policies, the policy limits, and whether the policies include uninsured and/or underinsured motorist benefits impacts the amount available for your recovery.
  • The experience and reputation of your attorney – The insurance industry’s own data indicates that accident victims who are represented by skilled attorneys who specialize in motor vehicle accident cases often recover settlements that are up to four times higher than those who are represented by a lawyer who does not specialize or not represented at all.

An experienced attorney knows how determine fault, find all available insurance policies, and get you the settlement you and your family deserve.

How to choose the right lawyer for my case in Detroit

Choosing the right lawyer for your case can appear to be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are several questions you can ask and steps you can take to ensure you’re hiring the right attorney, including:

  • Does the lawyer or law firm specialize in motor vehicle crashes, including motorcycle crashes? – You don’t want an attorney who dabbles in motorcycle crash cases, but rather handles nothing but motor vehicle/motorcycle crashes.
  • Does the lawyer or law firm have a track record of success? – You want to find an attorney who regularly wins these cases and secures large verdicts and settlements, including seven-figure wins.
  • Does the lawyer or law firm have a good reputation? – Go to the attorney’s website and read the reviews. How many 5-star reviews do they have? What are former clients saying?

Will the lawyer or law firm return my call? – Before you hire the attorney, schedule an appointment and get a feel for his or her “bedside manner.” You want an attorney who is kind and compassionate and will treat you as if you are family.

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