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Steven Gursten

Six Reasons Why Truck Insurance Limits Should be Raised

Liability insurance for commercial motor carriers hasn’t been raised in 30 years – here’s why it needs to be changed Currently, the minimum liability insurance commercial trucks and buses must carry is $750,000. To many people, that sounds like a […]

Steven Gursten

Bill would increase truck insurance limit to $4.4 million

Current $750,000 motor carrier insurance limit would be adjusted for 33 years of inflation under H.R. 2730 – to  adequately protect truck accident victims I recently wrote about the need to raise insurance levels for motor carriers. Yes, I recognize […]

Steven Gursten

Why the trucking industry believes saving 19 lives a year just isn’t worth it

The FMCSA  estimates that the new hours of service rules will prevent about 1,400 truck accidents and  560 injuries and save 19 lives that would otherwise have been lost. And the trucking industry doesn’t think it’s worth it. The FMSCA […]

Steven Gursten

How injury lawyers and insurance companies could work together to prevent truck accidents

Raising insurance limits for trucks will cause insurance companies to better investigate the companies they insure; raising rates on unsafe carriers makes public safer and raises ins. co….

Steven Gursten

Did Lindsay Lohan Try To Pay Driver After Truck Accident?

Have you read about the most recent Lindsay Lohan drama? This time, Lohan is being accused of trying to bribe a truck driver following an accident. As reported at TMZ:

The guy took me…