Detroit, Michigan


Steven Gursten

Motorcycle fatalities spike up 9% in Michigan — for riders without helmets

After state motorcycle helmet repeal, more motorcyclists die without helmets Advocates for riding a motorcycle without a helmet will often tell you that it’s actually more safe to ride without one. I hear this all the time.  These advocates claim […]

Steven Gursten

Motorcyclists' medical insurance claims hike 36% after helmet repeal

Study says severe injury claims for Michigan motorcycle riders skyrocketed, and the severity of motorcycle injuries has increased

When Gov. Rick Snyder signed the repeal of Michigan's…

Steven Gursten

Michigan Bikers claim motorcycle deaths fell since helmet law repeal. Huh?

It's no secret that I think that Michigan's motorcycle helmet law repeal was a big mistake.

Now, American Riders Aiming Toward Education (ABATE) claims that fatalities from motorcycle…