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Steven Gursten

How lawyers can prove “mild” TBI after a motor vehicle accident?

“Mild” traumatic brain injury (MTBI) is actually not mild at all. Attorney Steven Gursten will be speaking on MTBI and how it affects people injured in car accidents during a national webinar for the American Association for Justice October 14. […]

Steven Gursten

New traumatic brain injury rehabilitation guidelines in the works 

New guidelines will have important impact on No Fault insurance approval for TBI auto accident victims Depending on who you ask, the answer to how much rehabilitation adult patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) should receive greatly varies. But these […]

Steven Gursten

When brain injury survivors are discriminated against

And what people with TBI want you to know Brain injuries can happen anytime,  to anyone. Car accidents, which I see as an injury attorney with the survivors of brain injury that I represent, are one of the top causes […]

Steven Gursten

Traumatic brain injury linked to suicide in young men, studies show

Our society often fails those who suffer mild to moderate brain injury, and our society pays a substantial cost as a consequence. In fact, TBI costs $76.3 billion per year in lost productivity from people with TBI, according to the […]

Steven Gursten

In 20% of concussion cases, symptoms last for years

As an attorney representing car accident victims with traumatic brain injury, I often tell people that many brain injuries, including concussions, will heal and that many people can definitely go on to lead normal, productive lives. But… Some can’t.  Unfortunately, […]

Steven Gursten

Hidden Car Accident Injuries Can Worsen Over Time

You're in a car accident. You don't remember losing conscious, but your memories leading up to, and including, the accident are very foggy. You have a terrible headache and feel very…

Steven Gursten

Brain Injury Awareness Month Campaign

As lawyers for injury victims, we get an up-close look at how the lives of traumatic brain injury survivors are dramatically impacted by their injuries.

As you might know, March is Brain…