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Deadly Michigan Car Accident in I-75

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A tragic deadly Michigan car accident was reported on Tuesday morning. A Riverview man, who was married and had two children, died in an accident on I-75 in southwest Detroit when his car was struck by a gravel hauler and forced into a median wall. Investigators say the semi blew a tire forcing it into Nunez’s car which caught fire after slamming into the median wall.

Our firm handles a significant number of Michigan truck accident injury cases like the one reported above. The family of the accident victim has the right to file a Michigan wrongful death lawsuit against the truck driver and trucking company for the loss of their father and husband. A determination would have to be made that the accident was caused by the negligent driving of the truck driver or negligent maintenance of the truck by the company. The family can also file a Michigan no-fault insurance claim to recover lost wages, loss of services, and even funeral expenses resulting from the accident.

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