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Canton Township Michigan Motorcycle Death

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A very sad story appeared in the local paper yesterday about a Michigan motorcycle accident death. An avid motorcyclist was tragically killed by a motorist trying to flee the police in Canton Township, Michigan. The accident victim, Anthony Salvatore Quasarano, was described as a kind man with a passion for motorcycles, and his friends admired him for his easygoing nature and big smile. He was a member of the Motor City Group of the Harley Owners Group and a road captain.The driver of the fleeing vehicle was arrested and charged with multiple felonies that could lead to a lengthy prison term.

The family of the motorcyclist can pursue a wrongful death case against the motorist and can claim insurance benefits under the Michigan No-Fault law. The insurance laws relating to motorcycle accident injuries are very technical and unique and it is important to find the right lawyer to handle the case. My firm handles a significant number of motorcycle accident cases and we frequently battle with insurance companies to have our motorcyclist clients paid their benefits.